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Branding / Package Design / Dn Mockups / UI/UX

Valiant started in my second package design class. I wanted to dive deeper into the Punk Rock style of design I was following at the time and this project allowed me a lot of freedom so I took my chance.


Type Families: Poppins Lite.





For Valiants branding I wanted to keep the look & feel hand drawn. With idea of packaging in mind when I designed this logo I knew it had to be bold and give off a certain feel.


The sketching phase of the project was important for a few reasons, I had to figure out what kind of graphics I wanted to apply & what kind of packaging I wanted to use.

Dielines / Digital Flats

The direction I was going for with these designs were bold & chaotic. One of my biggest inspirations for this project was Vivienne Westwood. She is the most known punk rock fashion designer so it only felt right to take inspiration from her style. I went with a typographic style for the main graphic, it really lends itself to chaos.

Final Dn Renders

These final Renders were made in Adobe Dimension, the graphics were molded to premade models. I built out a room with lighting for the final renders.


At the start of the app design I was not sure which direction to take. Since Valiant was created to be a clothing company I figured the app should reflect that. The apps main focus is on the augmented reality feature, after a purchase is made the user unlocks a new virtual spray tag. The idea behind the augmented reality part of the app was to create a way for people to connect and gain a sense of community.

The style of the app was based on Brutalist design, Brutalism initially was an architectural style which emerged during the 1950s in the United Kingdom, among the reconstruction projects of the post-war era.